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Today Checklist makes paper planning quick.

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Create a document

Documents can be printed to be added to your paper planning system. Each document is made by answering questions on a form.

Step 1: Choose a template

Use a preexisting template for a project or checklist, or make your own template.

Step 2: Fill in the form

Each template has questions to answer to make the document. Answer the questions on the form.

Step 3: Save & Print

Once everything is answered you can print your document! The file will continue to show in your documents and can be printed again.

Create a template

Templates are used to make documents. Templates can be written in HTML/CSS or you can copy an existing template and modify it. Use variables by posing questions to yourself, and your answers can be added to the document.

Step 1: Write the HTML

When you create a template you will be prompted for its name, a description, and the HTML/CSS template content. You can copy and edit any default template as well.

Step 2: Attach variables

The form questions to answer come from variables in the document. You'll next define the name of your variables and the question to ask for it.

Step 3: Save & Use

Once you are finished attaching variables, create a document from the template to see your variables in action and your document created!